Location of servers

If you already have your own server, we can offer the Colocation service. That is, place your equipment in the UTeam data center and connect to high-bandwidth communication channels. The channel reservation system and high reliability of the equipment guarantee conditions for continuous operation of servers, constant availability of resources and the maximum possible quality of the provided services.

Name Subscription fee UAH / month
Rent a rack height 1U 100
Rent a rack height 2U 200
Rent a rack height 3U 300
Internet on the port 15Mbps 250
Internet on the port 50Mbps 750
Internet on the port 100Mbps 1200
Maintenance of the equipment at the established counter, for each 1 kW / h 5

Installation fee - UAH 850.

The complex of colocation services includes:

- installation of equipment in 19 "racks;

- connection of the server to the Ethernet port, allocation of the constant IP address;

- ensuring the safety and security of the server;

- providing uninterrupted power supply to the server (220V, UPS);

- maintaining a stable temperature of the installed equipment.