Domain registration

The domain name is almost the basis of the site. A short, consonant, easy-to-remember name is often the key to the success of an online project.

A domain name (or domain name) is the address of the network connection through which the computer connects to the network.

Domain registration is to record unique information about the domain itself and its administrator in the central database of all domain names. This is done specifically to avoid repetitions, errors in names and the emergence of various conflict situations. By general agreement, the domain is considered registered as soon as information about it reaches the central database.

To maintain an exact match between the domain name and the IP address on dedicated servers, exact match tables are provided. Such servers are called DNS servers (DNS - an abbreviation of the English name Domain Name Service - domain name service).

To avoid mistakes in the process of choosing a domain name, you should follow a few important principles:


The domain name must have a certain meaning related to the general theme of the site.

The domain name must contain a keyword that corresponds to the type of activity to which the site is dedicated. This will make it easier for site visitors to remember its name.

The domain name should be easy to pronounce. This is relevant when you have to convey its name orally, for example, in a telephone conversation. And, in any case, it is necessary to avoid difficult to pronounce combinations of letters.

The length of the domain name should not be too long. The validity of this principle is obvious - not everyone is able to memorize long names without errors, especially if he perceives them by ear. And to type in the address bar too long name - not very expedient pleasure.

The domain name must have a pronounced individual character. The name should be clearly distinguished from others and reflect the nature of the company from many similar names. In short, the domain name should, if possible, be unique, unique and not devoid of some originality.

The degree of perception of a domain name should be as high as possible, because it determines the associations that will arise in potential visitors to the site who heard the name. In addition, the information contained in the name should ensure that this impression is positive. This is necessary in order to make the site visitor want to visit the site again.

We provide domain name registration services in the following areas:


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.ua 1500/per year