13-05-2019 11:48

Dear subscribers of Mykytyntsi!

We sincerely thank you for using the services of UTeam Company. Your choice is of great importance to us, and that is why we are always working to improve the quality of service delivery. Unfortunately, the price for services depends directly on the costs borne by the company to provide the service.

Increase of tariffs - a forced measure, connected with a significant increase in the cost of equipment and other consumables, which are necessary for the high-quality work of the network and its modernization, therefore we are obliged to inform that from 01.07.2019 changes of tariff plans "PON" will be made in Mykytyntsi and will be charged as follows:

«PON» 50 Mbps - 160 UAH / month; 
«PON» 100 Mbps - 180 UAH / month; 
«PON» 50 Mbps + TB - 210 UAH / month; 
«PON» 100 Mbps + TB - 230 UAH / month;

Instead, we offer you to save your money and save the price and speed of the current tariff plan by using the stocks - "SAVE TARIFF" and "INTERNET-YEAR AGES 14 MONTHS". To do this, you need to make an advance subscription fee according to your tariff by 30.06.2019 at a time convenient for you. Upon expiration of the advance payment, the archived fare will automatically be upgraded.

The connection of new subscribers by June 30, 2019 will take place in accordance with the current tariff plans in the village Mykytyntsi

Thank you for understanding! 
Sincerely, UTeam


Друзі у  команді  #WOWТелебачення від UTeam поповнення .

Ми знаємо Ви давно цього чекали. Готові до зустрічі??

 Так ось, з  27 травня 2020 року нові телеканали уже доступні для перегляду  -  це Discovery Channel,  Animal Planet, Eurosport 1,  TLC.  Разом у команді  #WOWТелебачення від UTeam уже більше 120 каналів

Саме так, більше 120 каналів!! Найцікавіші шоу, розваги,  новини, є і спорт, і природа, є і навчання.


Congratulations! May your Easter be filled with all things bright and beautiful!

Work schedule:

April 20 is a day off.
Technical support works on a regular schedule - 24/7



Since the beginning of the new year, we have added 22 new TV channels.

Bolt, Star Cinema, Star Family, FILMUADRAMA, 36.6, Кус-кус, Spike, Paramount channel, Футбол 3, Fashion TV UA, Перший автомобільний, Етно канал, Наше Music, Епоха, НАШ, Дача, Трофей, Терра, Наука, Фауна, Рибалка, Україна 24.

We promise that evening seating in front of your favorite TV shows will become even more enjoyable with Uteam television.

Ps. Football fans! The TV channels Football 1 and Football 2 are with us until the end of the summer



We do not stand aside and engage in social activities. In April, the company announced "Month of care". So, we join the all-Ukrainian movement "Support Doctors" and offer free use of the Internet - to hospitals, clinics, medical institutions of any form of ownership for the whole period of quarantine.


Safe connection and how does it work in practice?

We understand the importance of being 24/7 online - learning the news, learning, communicating online. Therefore, early in the week, they announced an express connection to services.

We take care of your safety and the safety of our employees when connecting.

All installation crews are provided with:

  • Disposable gloves.
  • Antiseptics and disinfectants.
  • Masks and respirators.
  • Shoe covers.
  • We regularly measure the temperature of all workers with a contactless thermometer.
  • They ensured the arrival of employees by transport of the company, both in the morning and in the evening.

Leave a request for a connection - here