27-06-2017 17:30

Grafik work

We sincerely congratulate Ukraine Independence Day!


Dear subscribers!

Monday, June 17 - day off.

Friday, June 28 - day off.

The technical support service works on a regular schedule - 24 hours a day!

We wish you happy holidays!


Dear subscribers!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that from July 1, 2019, changes will occur in terms of providing services for access to the Internet, for subscribers of the package "BUSINESS".

UTEAM introduces new tariff plans in order to create better conditions for servicing and giving subscribers greater opportunities for using communication technologies.

Starting from 01.07.2019 active subscribers of the BUSINESS package will be converted to tariffs "50Mb / s - 300 UAH / month" or "100 MB / s - 500 UAH / month", with constant speed throughout the day.

In case of the need to provide special conditions for the use of the BUSINESS package, UTIM Company applies an individual approach to the formation of corporate tariff plans. You can specify details in our contact center by phone number (0342) 70-50-70.

Thank you for understanding!

Sincerely, UTEAM 



Dear subscribers of Mykytyntsi!

We sincerely thank you for using the services of UTeam Company. Your choice is of great importance to us, and that is why we are always working to improve the quality of service delivery. Unfortunately, the price for services depends directly on the costs borne by the company to provide the service.

Increase of tariffs - a forced measure, connected with a significant increase in the cost of equipment and other consumables, which are necessary for the high-quality work of the network and its modernization, therefore we are obliged to inform that from 01.07.2019 changes of tariff plans "PON" will be made in Mykytyntsi and will be charged as follows:

«PON» 50 Mbps - 160 UAH / month; 
«PON» 100 Mbps - 180 UAH / month; 
«PON» 50 Mbps + TB - 210 UAH / month; 
«PON» 100 Mbps + TB - 230 UAH / month;

Instead, we offer you to save your money and save the price and speed of the current tariff plan by using the stocks - "SAVE TARIFF" and "INTERNET-YEAR AGES 14 MONTHS". To do this, you need to make an advance subscription fee according to your tariff by 30.06.2019 at a time convenient for you. Upon expiration of the advance payment, the archived fare will automatically be upgraded.

The connection of new subscribers by June 30, 2019 will take place in accordance with the current tariff plans in the village Mykytyntsi

Thank you for understanding! 
Sincerely, UTeam


Dear subscribers!

April 29-30 - days off.

May 1 and 9 days off.

Saturday, May 11 - We work from 9:00 to 18:00.

The technical support service works on a regular schedule - 24 hours a day!

We wish you a fun weekend!