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UTeam ™ Company is the Internet Service Provider in Ivano-Frankivsk, which has been successfully operating in the market of information and telecommunication technologies and dynamically developing since 2007.

The main goal of the company is to build a city and regional multifunctional multiservice network, which will allow users of the company to receive the highest quality access to the World Wide Web.

The UTeam ™ network is based on the capabilities of Cisco Systems, Foundry and other recognized leaders.

We build our network using the most advanced fiber optics technologies. "Optics" is used not only on main channels. Each home is connected using optics, thus implementing the model the Fiber to the Building FTTB (Fiber to the Building).

Such technology allows to provide high quality services to the users of the company and receive the Internet at speeds up to 1 Gbit /s, which is not available for other outdated technologies and is a competitive advantage of our company in comparison with other providers.

The topology (construction) of our network is as close as possible to the classical scheme "star", which reduces to zero the delay in data transmission.

The basic rule for our company is the provision of Internet services to the widest possible range of customers. We always focus on long-term cooperation, realizing that it is possible only under the condition of adherence to the principles of ethics and maximal productivity communicating with customers. We offer our customers not only the quality of services and the uniqueness of the decisions, but also an individual approach, clarity of work at all stages, and protection of client's interests.

A wide range of price-fares will allow you to use the high-quality services of our company as it is profitable for you. Our every client will be able to choose the most advantageous terms of cooperation, regardless of whether it is a large corporation or a regular user.

We always monitor the market situation and use advanced technological solutions that allows us to constantly offer our subscribers cheaper tariff plans and high quality services.

We provide unlimited traffic and time Internet access at speeds for every taste with the division into Ukrainian and foreign traffic.

We always meet the needs of our users, constantly lowering rates and conducting attractive promotions.

Our unlimited tariff plans really meet the stated speeds and do not have hidden limits.

UTeam ™ Company is socially responsible and is always an active participant in many social projects.

Taking into account that security is one of the priorities for the residents of Ivano-Frankivsk, our company started the implementation of the "Safe City" project, which is aimed at the installation of an outdoor surveillance camcorder in microdistricts, which, as an example of European cities, will significantly increase the level of security of residents of the city. We are planning a further step-by-step increasing the number of cameras.

UTeam ™ expands its wireless service! We actively provide the network development and wireless coverage of the city! The number of hotspots is increasing!

Existing subscribers can use the Internet at home using an optical network connection and, at the same time, they can use the Internet, within the city coverage area of wireless Wi-Fi, using their input data for connection (login and password). Users who are not our subscribers can also use the Wi-Fi service, but at a lower speed.

Our range of offered services and opportunities is constantly expanding, and their characteristics are improved according to technological innovations and the growing needs of clients:

· Internet connection via high-speed fiber-optic and radio-communication channels;

· organization and support of virtual networks (VPN);

· access to a local computer network;

· construction and support of fiber-optic networks;

· lease of communication channels;

· registration of domain names;

· sale of specialized equipment;

· video surveillance systems;

· IPTV - IP ultra-high-definition TV, which allows to obtain high-quality television image on large screens inaccessible to other technologies;

· IP telephony.

The main thing in our activity is not the equipment, not our staff, not the company management, but you - our client!

Connect today, and you will see the availability of the latest high-quality telecommunication services!