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    How can I connect cable TV?

    On the company's website using the online form you can check the possibility of connecting to your address. If the connection is available, you can order a call to apply through the site - the operator will contact you, agree on the details and determine the date and time of connection.

    You can also contact one of our offices.

    If you already use the company's services, you can order a connection in the Personal cabinet.

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    What is IPTV?

    IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a technology for digital television using an IP data network. This is the modern standard of digital television with the ability to watch on TV, personal computer and other digital devices that support this feature.

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    What is digital television?

    The digital signal, in contrast to the analog, comes in small portions, separated by pauses. Due to this, the signal becomes more reliable and violate the integrity of the image, which is transmitted during its application is quite difficult.

    Despite the fact that the signal is transmitted in portions, the distance does not affect the signal quality. And this is the obvious advantage of such television over analog.

    In addition, the digital signal is able to broadcast more channels than the analog version. Therefore, those who choose this kind of TV, get more channels on various topics.

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    What is analog television?

    Analog television is based on an analog signal that goes continuously, which is not an indicator of quality. After all, if the signal is interrupted, the whole picture and sound suffers.

    An analog signal cannot reveal the full potential of modern video equipment: plasma and LCD TVs.

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    How many TV channels do you have?

    Now we have more than 120 TV channels. You can see the full list here.

    The number of channels is constantly expanding.

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    TV doesn't work, what should I do?

    First of all, you need to find out if all cables and devices are properly connected and in working order.

    If you have cable TV (a coaxial cable is connected to the TV without additional equipment), try to search for TV channels.

    If you have connected TV via IPTV technology and you have a Smart TV or Android set-top box. Then you have to use our Smart STB or SmartUP applications to watch IPTV TV. If not, reinstall these applications.

    If you only have an IPTV set-top box, make sure you get the right settings. The settings of your set-top box must include an IPTV letter to watch our TV channels. Playlist:

    If you are unable to resolve the issue yourself, please contact support.


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    When to pay for Internet and cable TV services?

    To receive the services, the subscriber prepaid the cost of the Services in advance in the order of prepayment for the next calendar month by the 25th of the current month.

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    How do I check my account balance?

    This can be done in the Personal cabinet. You will see the status of the personal account and all the information on it. You also have the opportunity to view the history of payments on your account for different periods of time in the PAYMENT section.

    If you are not registered in the personal account, we recommend that you register.

    Or you can check the status of the account by contacting support or one of our offices.

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    How to top up the account?

    You can pay for the services according to your contract number, which you received when connecting to the Uteam network. Payment can be made online in the Personal cabinet, in terminals, at bank cash desks and in the offices of our company. Detailed information is in the tab of the site "Payment".

    Warning! When paying through a bank or payment system, crediting funds can be done up to 3 banking days, depending on your chosen method of payment.

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    I paid for the services and there is no money in the account. Why?

    Funds are credited to your account from 5 minutes to 3 banking days, depending on your chosen method of payment.

    If more time has passed and the funds have not been credited - check the correctness of the data entered during payment, in case of an error - contact our support service or one of the offices.

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    What should I do if I did not top up my account before the beginning of the month?

    In this case, the company "UTeam" will go to meet you, offering to use the service "Trust Credit".

    We will resume providing services for a period of 3 days. If the subscription fee for this period is not paid to the account, the provision of services will be suspended on the 4th day.

    You can use the service once a month by ordering through your Personal cabinet or by calling the company's contact center.

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    How is the subscription fee charged when connecting in the middle of the month?

    When connecting on any day of the month, the subscription fee is charged and paid in proportion to the number of days: the amount of the subscription fee is divided by the number of days in the month and multiplied by the number of days from the moment of connection to the end of the month.

    From next month, the subscription fee is charged in full.


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    Does Uteam work only in Ivano-Frankivsk?

    The company's activities are carried out in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and the region. You can check the availability of technical connectivity at your address on the company's website using the online form.

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    How can I connect to Uteam?

    On the company's website using the online form you can check the possibility of connecting to your address.
    Then on the site you can order a call to apply. The operator will contact you, agree on the details and determine the date and time of connection.
    You can also contact the support service or one of our offices and make a connection.

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    What technology is used for connection?

    In the city of Ivano-Frankivsk on Ethernet technology (Fast Ethernet via a network of fiber-optic lines) and GPON (Fast Ethernet via a network of fiber-optic communication lines using an optical terminal).

    In the settlements of the region by PON technology (through a network of fiber-optic communication lines, the connection is through an optical terminal).

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    What is the cost of connection ?

    Connection is FREE (if technically possible to connect). The cost of connection includes - departure of the assembly group for connection, installation of the cable to your apartment and within it (10 m of cable in the middle of the apartment). An existing hole is used to insert the cable, or a separate hole is drilled in the wall or in the front door box.

    The place of drilling the hole can be pre-agreed with the subscriber. All risks associated with the presence of hidden electrical wiring, telephone wiring, coaxial TV cables, and other elements of the engineering infrastructure are borne by the subscriber.

    Crimp the cable with RJ-45 connectors.

    One-time setup of the subscriber's personal computer or subscriber's router.

    Demonstration of Internet operation on the subscriber's computer.

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    How can I find out my contract number?

    You can view the contract number in the documents that the company's employees issued to you with a folder when connecting to the service. You can also call our support service, or order a call - the company's operator will tell you your contract number at.

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    How can I suspend services for a certain period?

    This opportunity is implemented in the Personal cabinet.

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    I want to terminate the contract, how can I do that?

    You should to contact one of the company's offices and write a statement.

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    I'm moving to another address - what can I do?

    On the company's website using the online form you can check the possibility of connecting to a new address.

    If there is such an opportunity, you can take advantage of the "Сomfortable movement" promotion.


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    How can I increase the speed / change the tariff plan?

    To change the speed of access to the Internet, you need to change the tariff plan. This feature is available:

    1. In the Personal cabinet on the site.

    2. Through the contact center of the company, calling the support service.

    3. Order a call through the site.

    4. Contact one of the company's offices.

    Pay attention! If you use a wi-fi router, then when choosing a tariff plan with a speed above 100 mb/s, you need to check the technical characteristics of your equipment.

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    How do I check my internet speed?

    To test the speed of your Internet connection, you need to connect your computer device directly without using other network devices. Also disable antivirus programs and torrents if they are used. Go to the site, and, following the visual cues, test the speed.

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    What is ping?

    A ping is the amount of time a packet sent from your computer travels to another computer on the network and returns.
    The smaller ping means shorter waiting time required to open the web page.

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    Why don't I get the stated internet speed?

    The speed of Internet access can be affected by the following indicators:

    1. the router and its location, the frequency range on which it operates,

    2. metal doors,

    3. interior walls (a large number of them, the presence of metal structures in the walls, wall thickness).

    Uteam provides the declared speed under the contract to the first device of the user.

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    What should I do when the Internet is down?

    If you have problems accessing the Internet, first check that they are not related to the status of your computer, operating system or router. Make sure all cables are connected properly and the settings on your computer or router have not changed.

    If you can't solve the problem yourself, contact support.

    If the problem cannot be solved by phone, the support staff will generate an application for the departure of our technical specialist.


    If you reconnect after submitting your application and have no problems with the Internet, you must cancel your application.

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    What is the Dedicated IP Address add-on?

    IP address (short for Internet Protocol Address) is a unique identifier (number) of a computer on a local network or the Internet.

    An IP address allows other computers connected to a network to communicate with yours. Send messages, share files and so on.

    The dedicated IP address is unique for the entire Internet. There are a limited number of such addresses and they must be registered in a special way.