Get a year of free TV!

To get a year of free TV as a gift is easy! To do this, you need to purchase an IPTV console, fulfill the conditions of the promotion and choose a tariff plan, which is convenient for you:

"XS + tv" - 40 MB / s - 80 UAH / month; *

"S + tv" - 50 mb / s - 95 UAH / month *

"M + tv" - 80 mb / s - 115 UAH / month *

"L + tv" - 100 MB / s - 135 UAH / month *

To apply for a connection, fill out the form or call 050-433-58-54, 067-555-70-50.

* Promotional Terms and Conditions:

Buy an IPTV console from the company's representatives;

The promotion is valid for subscribers who have applied for the connection from 01. 11. 2017 to 30. 12.2018;

Duration of digital TV viewing service at a promotional price - 12 months from the date of purchase of the console by a subscriber. At the end of the 12-month period, the user will make a monthly fee in accordance with the current tariff plans.

The participant of the promotion may be only the physical user who is already a subscriber of the company and uses the services of access to the Internet (and digital television), or intends to become a subscriber of services for access to the Internet and digital television. Possibility of using the promotion by a subscriber at the address of the provision of telecommunication services - once for the entire period of the promotion.

The promotion is not applied to tariff plans - a corporate package and a corporate package (business light).

Connection is FREE!

Make yourself happy - connect to "UTeam!"