iPay.ua is a service that allows to perform instant and safe payment for services and goods over the Internet, using VISA and MasterCard cards from all the world's banks. Thanks to iPay.ua, users have the opportunity to instantly pay for services and goods, and also, if they need, to receive qualified technical support.

The iPay.ua service has a higher level of payment security: it is certified in accordance with the international PCI DSS standard. Details - on the website ipay.ua

Using the iPay payment system, you have the opportunity to pay for UTeam ™ services in real time. Funds are credited instantly. You need to enter the desired amount of money and the contract number in the lower placed form and click on "Pay". Immediately afterwards, you will be redirected to the iPay payment system page from which you can make a payment.

You can also make a payment directly from the iPay website.