• When I connecting to the Internet, it issues an error # 720?

    You must open the command line with a Win + R key combination or the Start menu - Run, in the entry box, that will appear, you should type in the cmd command, and then press the Enter key.

    At the command line, type in the ‘netsh int ip reset 1.txt’ command and press the Enter key. Restart your computer.

  • What is Ethernet?

    Ethernet is the basic technology of local computer networks with packet switching that use the CSMA / CD protocol (multiple access with media control and collisions detection). Ethernet networks operate at 10 Mbps, Fast Ethernet - at 100 Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet - at 1000 Mbps, 10 Gigabit Ethernet - at 10Gbps.

  • What is Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a popular technology that provides wireless connection of computers to a local area network or high-speed wireless Internet access.

  • What is an IP address and why do we need it?

    Each device on the Internet has its own unique IP address. It consists of four banks of numbers separated by dots, for example, Thus, the IP address is a unique computer identifier in the Internet information space.

  • What does your company do?

    We provide access to the World Wide Web through high-speed communication channels. You also have the opportunity to receive additional services: Internet TV, video surveillance systems, ip-telephony, VPN organization and others.

  • Where are your offices?

    Offices of "UTeam" company are at the following addresses: Ivano-Frankivsk, Molodizhna Street, 52. and Troleybusna Street, 2a. You can see other contact information in the contacts section.

  • What is digital TV?

    Digital signal, unlike the analog, comes in small portions, separated by pauses. Due to this, the signal becomes more reliable and it is rather difficult to violate the integrity of the transmitted images when it is applied.

    Despite the fact that the signal is transmitted in portions, the distance does not effect the quality of the signal. And this is the obvious advantage of such television over analog TV.

    In addition, the digital signal is capable of broadcasting more channels than the analog version. Therefore, those who choose this type of TV receive more channels of various subjects.

  • What is Analog Television?

    Analog TV is built on the basis of an analog signal that is continuous, which is not an indicator of quality. After all, if the signal is interrupted, the whole picture and sound suffer.

    An analog signal can not reveal the full potential of modern video equipment: plasma and LCD TVs.

  • What is cable television?

    Cable TV, by its name, determines only the way of transmitting information, but not a signal. For example, a digital or analog signal prepared for transmission can transmit in one or another transmission media: via copper-wire cable, optic fiber, etc.

    Therefore, it is not necessary to allocate cable TV in a separate kind, because it can be both digital and analog.

  • I reinstalled the operating system

    You need to check if there is a network connection, if there is no connection, then you should install the required driver ( network card driver). If you have a network connection, then you should create a PPPoE connection.

  • What is IPTV?

    IPTV or Internet Protocol Television (DTV) is a digital TV technology that functions with the help of data-communication network via an IP. This is a modern digital TV standard that can be viewed on a TV, personal computer and other digital devices that support this feature.

  • Is it possible to switch to another tariff package?

    Yes, it is possible. To do this, you need to warn the manager before the end of the current month. Switch to the new tariff package will be made from the 1st of the new month. Switch to the new tariff package is free.

  • Can I get a reminder of the terms of payment?

    Yes, you can, for this, you need to go to the Personal Cabinet and in the entry box of SMS informing you should indicate the telephone number for informing.

  • Before the first day I had funds on my account, but after they were not.

    On the first day of each month (12:01 a.m.), the amount equal to the tariff plan and additional services is removed from the Customer's Personal. That is, on the first day of the current month you must have a balance that is equal to the cost of the tariff plan and additional services.

  • Is it possible to pay for services through payment terminals?

    Yes, company services can be paid through 24NonStop, EasyPay and iBox payment terminals.